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Chicken Enchilada Cups

Yields1 Serving

mini chicken enchilada cups with lime wedges and sour cream

 1 tsp olive oil
 OnionPeeled & cut into thin halfmoons
 3 Garlic clovespeeled
 1 Yellow peppercut into thin strips
 1 tsp chilli flakesor more if you like it spicy
 1 400g can chopped tomato
 4 Chicken breast skinless & boneless
 salt & pepper to taste
Cups & Dressing
 5 Soft flour tortilla wraps
 250 g Mexican style cheeseGrated
 25 g Pickled jalepeno peppers (from a jar)
 1 Small bunch coriander
 250 ml Sour cream

Heat the oil in a large pan and add the onions, pepper and garlic. Cook over a low heat until softened. Then add in the chilli flakes and pour in the tomatoes. Fill the can with 200ml of water swirl to collect the remaining tomato in the can then pour into the pan.


Meanwhile, slice the chicken finely. Add the chicken to the pan with softened vegetables and tomato sauce. Allow to simmer for 20 minutes until the chicken is cooked through and sauce thickened. Season to taste. You can chill and refrigerate for future use at this stage.


Whilst the filling is cooking get on with preparing the cups. Stack the tortillas on top of one another, using a large pastry cutter wider than the rim of your cup cake tray, press down firmly on the stacked tortilla wraps (this speeds things up as you can cut 5 disks at a time). Repeat until all 24 disks of tortilla are cut out. Fit the disks into the holes of 2 x 12 hole cupcake trays. Place in a 200°C for 4 - 6 minutes until they begin to brown and toast.


Remove the tortilla cups from the oven and fill each 2/3 full with the filling and sprinkle a little of the spicy cheese on top of each and return to the oven until cheese has melted. Remove from the oven and transfer to serving platters.


Before serving sprinkle the chopped jalepeno and chopped coriander on top of the enchiladas and set some wedges of lime on the side for guests to squeeze over as they eat. Fill some small bowls or espresso cups with sour cream and leave a few teaspoons nearby for guests to add a little to their cup as they eat.