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Garlic Chicken & Potatoes

Yields4 Servings

Garlic Chicken & Potatoes

 50 g Unsalted Butter (Soft)
 3 Cloves garlic (minced)
 1 tsp dried thyme
 1 tbsp fresh parsley (finely chopped) Plus extra for serving
 10 Chicken thighs
 1 kg baby potatoes
 1 tbsp olive oil
 2 tsp sea salt flakes

Preheat oven to 220°C.


Make garlic butter by mixing together butter, garlic, thyme and parsley.


Slide finger under the chicken skin to create a pocket. Add some garlic butter and smooth out to coat evenly. Do this with all ten. Don’t worry if you have leftover.


Tip the potatoes into a roasting tin. Cut any large potatoes so that they are roughly the same size. Place the chicken thighs between and on top of the potatoes. Add any remaining garlic butter in clumps on top of the potatoes. Drizzle the olive oil over and sprinkle over the salt.


Roast for 60 minutes until the chicken skin is crispy, blistered and golden and potatoes are soft and tender. Scatter with remaining parsley before serving.

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