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Spaghetti Carbonara

Yields2 Servings

This cheesy Italian Classic is simple, delicious and quick to make. By the time the pasta has cooked all will be ready to go.

Pasta with cheesy sauce

 250 g Spaghetti
 150 g Pancetta (or streaky bacon)Cut into lardons
 2 Eggs
 1 Egg yolk
 20 g Parmesan cheesePlus extra for serving
 1 tbsp Garlic oil
 Sea Salt flakes & Black pepper to taste

Bring a large pan of water to the boil. Salt then plunge in the spaghetti and cook according to packet instructions.


Meanwhile, Add the bacon lardons to a pan over a medium heat and allow to render down the fat, brown and go crispy. Turn off the heat under the pan and remove excess fat from the pan, leaving about a tablespoons worth behind. You may not need to do this step if your pancetta is lean. Add the garlic oil to the pan and mix to combine the fats and salt bacon nuggets.


In another bowl whisk together the eggs, yolk, cheese and a good grind of black pepper. Set aside until pasta is ready.


When pasta is al dente, before draining reserve a cup of starchy pasta cooking water. Tip the drained pasta into the pan of pancetta and toss it all together. Quickly pour the egg and cheese mixture into the pan as well constantly stirring for a moment to keep the sauce moving so that it coats all the pasta.


Using a pasta claw or tongs transfer to two serving bowls give each bowl another sprinkling of Parmesan and black pepper before eating.

Nutrition Facts

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