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Sweet Chilli Chicken Pasta

Yields1 Serving

A creamy tangle of tagliatelle and chicken combined with a creamy sweet chilli sauce, that takes only ten minutes to cook. Much quicker and tastier than a takeaway

sweet chilli chicken pasta

 300 g Tagliatelle 4 x nest (approx)
 1 Chicken breast (chopped into bite size pieces)
 1 tbsp Olive oil
 60 ml Sweet chilli sauce
 100 ml Double cream
 3 tbsp Parmesan (grated)
 Sea salt flakes & cracked black pepper (to taste)
 Small bunch flat leaf parsley, chopperd(optional)

Bring a large pot of water to the boil and salt well. (use an electric kettle if in a hurry). Cook pasta according to packet instructions.


Meanwhile, add the oil to a pan and cook the chicken over a high heat until browned and cooked through.


When chicken is cooked add sweet chilli and cream and 2/3 of the cheese. Stir to coat the chicken in the sauce.


Reserve a little of the pasta water before draining. Then add to the pan with the chicken and sauce. Adding a little of the pasta cooking water to make creamy and help cling to the pasta.


Using tongs or a pasta claw to add to a bowl then sprinkle with remaining cheese and sprinkle with chopped parsley. Eat immediately.

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