Please note

  • All eggs are large, free-range
  • All dark chocolate is 70% cocoa solids minimum
  • All baking ingredients are room temperature unless stated otherwise
  • Recipes containing raw or partially cooked eggs should not be served to those with weak or compromised immune systems.
  • Please be sure to read a recipe through before starting,
  • Also, remember that a recipe is only a blueprint. Enjoy the experiment, eat, and repeat until it is your own.

Chocolate Banana CakeBy danieldiverA delicious vegan chocolate banana cake that is light moist and fluffy with an heavenly chocolate and coconut cream frosting.
Chocolate Cheesecake CupcakesBy danieldiverA delicious chocolate cupcake with a chocolate cream cheese frosting with miniature sugar shelled eggs. Perfect to celebrate Easter.
Chocolate Fudge CakeBy danieldiverThe chocolate lovers chocolate cake. This is a firm favourite of everyone in my house. Actually, I don't think I know anyone that doesn't like chocolate fudge cake.
Christmas Cheesecake (Cranberry & White Chocolate)By danieldiverThis is such a seasonal cheesecake and even white chocolate haters will love it. The tartness from the ruby red cranberries cut the sweetness of the white chocolate giving you harmonious flavoured cheesecake.
Christmas French ToastBy danieldiverThis has been my Christmas morning breakfast for many years now. I make my Christmas French toast out of the sweet star shaped Italian bread Pandoro. It typically comes in a large box like a present. It's sweetness lends itself well to French toast. I simple dip it in an eggy mixture with a little cinnamon before proceeding to fry it over a low heat until the entire house is scented with the Christmas aroma.
Christmas Pudding Ice CreamBy danieldiverTurn leftover Christmas pudding into a creamy delicious ice cream with simple no churn ice cream recipe.
Crispy Potato WedgesBy danieldiverThese potato wedges are a bit of a hybrid somewhat of a cross between a roast potato and a potato wedge. A crispy spiced exterior with a delicious fluffy interior. eat with sour cream and chilli sauce for dipping or as an easy home alternative to chips.
Croissant Breakfast BakeBy danieldiverA sensational make ahead breakfast. Stale croissants are steeped in egg lightly sweetened and give you an almost donut tasting breakfast dish.
Croque MonsieurBy danieldiverThe best ham and cheese sandwich in the world. Stringy oozy cheese, salty ham, mustard and good bread toasted in butter. What more could you require from a sandwich.
Date Steak (steak tagliata)By danieldiverI call this recipe date steak as it can create an easy feast and one steak serves two. It is really steak tagliata which is just a thinly sliced steak, the steak gets a quick post cook marinade and this marinade then become the salad dressing.
Deviled EggsBy danieldiverA retro party favourite, add a little fun and heat to your party with these festive eggs.
Easy Chocolate MousseBy danieldiverThis easy chocolate mousse recipes uses a few shortcuts to reduce the shopping list and the amount of time required to set. This mousse can be made in a few minutes and set within twenty minutes but, you would never guess from the deep velvety mousse that you get.
Eggs in PurgatoryBy danieldiverEggs poached in a hellishly fiery tomato sauce, perfect at any time of day but particular good when you need a little fire in your belly.
Espresso Caramel Ice CreamBy danieldiverA delicious soft serve ice cream, creamy and luscious. The combination of strong coffee and sweet Carnation caramel make for a velvety textured ice cream. Note: Should you require a alcohol free version you can leave out the brandy. It does make it a firmer ice cream, but still extremely delicious. I also so often when I am making this reserve two tablespoons of caramel and double cream and when ready to eat I warm it together, in a tiny pan. To make a warm runny caramel sauce to pour over as I eat.
Fish & ChipsBy danieldiverUltimate fish and chips recipe - Crispy beer-battered fish with perfect chips that are crispy on the outside and fluffy and tender within.
Fish TacosBy danieldiverGreat for feeding a crowd. The DIY element at the table really helps to relax and bring people together.
Fried ChickenBy danieldiverCrunchy succulent chicken that even the quickest glimpse of will leave you mesmerised and wondering why it took you so long to make it at home. Plus for this recipe you don't need any deep frying paraphernalia a heavy based pan and tongs is all. I almost always make chicken sandwiches with this and I recommend you eat with my hot & crunchy slaw.
Garlic BreadBy danieldiverWho doesn't love garlic bread? and why not? Warm buttery bread with lots of garlic. Yes please! It also only take minutes to make then 10 in the oven.
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