Please note

  • All eggs are large, free-range
  • All dark chocolate is 70% cocoa solids minimum
  • All baking ingredients are room temperature unless stated otherwise
  • Recipes containing raw or partially cooked eggs should not be served to those with weak or compromised immune systems.
  • Please be sure to read a recipe through before starting,
  • Also, remember that a recipe is only a blueprint. Enjoy the experiment, eat, and repeat until it is your own.

Gingerbread Apple MartiniBy danieldiverI think an apple martini is possibly my favourite cocktail. This is my festive seasonal take on the classic. The colour alone that vibrant green makes me salivate. The balance of sour and sweet is absolutely perfect and it's a great one for a party just make a large pitcher and store it in the fridge.
Granola MuffinsBy danieldiverMuffins for breakfast may seem like a lot of work but these really aren't. It's just a matter of mixing a few dry and wet ingredients together and a lazy whisk together and 20 minutes later you will have warm from the oven muffins. I find these particular useful on lazy weekend mornings as I'm the type of person who likes to have several cups of tea before breakfast and this allows me the time to do that.
GuacamoleBy danieldiverA quick nubbly guacamole recipe. Deliciously simple.
Guinness CakeBy danieldiverA grown-up chocolate cake with a dark sumptuous tender sponge and the. dreamiest bailey’s cream cheese topping. The ideal cake for St.Patrick’s day celebration this beautiful cake not only contains that liquid velvet in its batter, but the final appearance also resembles a pint of Guinness.
Halloumi, Mint & Pomegranate SaladBy danieldiverA refreshing and vibrant salad. Halloumi has a rubbery salty consistency when heated and browned in a dry frying pan it turns it into what I think of as vegetarian bacon. The combination of rocket, mint leaves, and pomegranate seeds give you a peppery refreshing salad with bursts of fruitiness.
Ham & Cheese JambonsBy danieldiverDelicious puff pastry parcels with a cheese and ham filling. These parcels make a great on the go or portable breakfast that is delicious either hot or cold.
Hazelnut NegroniBy danieldiverMy seasonal twist on the Negroni. Traditional it consists of equal measures of Campari, Red vermouth and gin. I actually came upon this version during lockdown one evening when I felt like a Negroni and had run out of gin, due to limiting shopping trips i thought I'd add a splash of Frangelico. It was heavenly. It is strange that this drink conjures tastes of chocolate orange to me even though it doesn't contain chocolate whatsoever. I believe it comes from the butter hazelnut flavours imparted by Frangelico. Frangelico is a hazelnut liquor from Italy that has a warm buttery hazelnut flavour. I think of it as Nutella in liquor form. It works so well in desserts or stirred through a hot chocolate for a cosy nightcap.
Honey Roast ParsnipsBy danieldiverI don't think Christmas dinner would be complete without these sweet earthy glazed parsnips. Although, I think they are a great accompaniment to a roast dinner at other times of year too.
Hot & Crunchy SlawBy danieldiverThe perfect hot sauce slaw to accompany fried chicken or cold cuts. The buttermilk brings balance and make this slaw lighter and less clergy than the usual coleslaw. The finely shredded cabbage and carrot retain there crunch in the creamy dressing.
Kefir PancakesBy danieldiverI love starting the weekend off with a pancake breakfast and until recently it was always with buttermilk pancakes, however I don't always have buttermilk. Lately I'm never without kefir in my fridge and it's not simply because of all the numerous health benefits of the tangy elixir that I now make all my pancakes with it but simply because it makes the best pancakes ever. They make the spongiest and lightest pancakes. I do adore these pancakes with a simple blackberry syrup made by thawing berries in some honey in a small pan over low heat until the berries have thawed and omitted their deep purple juices into the honey.
Lambs RibsBy danieldiverThese luscious ribs smell and taste heavenly. After the long slow cooking the fat is crispy and the meat tender and comes away from the bone very easily.
Lemon Meringue CocktailBy danieldiverDessert and cocktail in one this vibrant and delicious cocktail is a real after dinner treat.
Maple Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta & ChestnutsBy danieldiverI promise you that you won't be disappointed with these sprouts, I have even converted some sprout loathers with these. The sweet and saltiness of the pancetta and maple syrup work in partner with the chestnuts and sprouts to give you a side dish that frankly I could eat as a main in itself.
Maple French ToastBy danieldiverWhat better way to kick off the weekend with than a leisurely breakfast with maple French toast. This also makes a perfect midnight snack.
Mincemeat PinwheelsBy danieldiverOver the seasonal period I must have a lot of mincemeat. I mean who could blame me? That gorgeous sweet filling is divine. I make lots of mince pies, I think one can never have too many. I make these mincemeat pinwheels so often as a leisurely treat for brunch at the weekends. Although, they are fantastic served warm with ice cream or for the ultimate treat with my no - churn Christmas pudding ice cream as a simple and delicious dessert. Think warm strudel with flaky pastry. Good, right? But I'm very happy to eat them with nothing more than a mug of tea.
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