Please note

  • All eggs are large, free-range
  • All dark chocolate is 70% cocoa solids minimum
  • All baking ingredients are room temperature unless stated otherwise
  • Recipes containing raw or partially cooked eggs should not be served to those with weak or compromised immune systems.
  • Please be sure to read a recipe through before starting,
  • Also, remember that a recipe is only a blueprint. Enjoy the experiment, eat, and repeat until it is your own.

Salted Caramel Espresso MartiniBy danieldiverA real pick me up cocktail. This will liven up any party. I do love an espresso martini but this salted caramel espresso martini is on a whole other level. The bitter espresso makes this cocktail very smooth and balances the sweetness making it easy to drink very many of them all too easy.
Salted Chocolate TartBy danieldiverA chocolate lovers dream: this luscious chocolate tart is rich, silky sophisticated & elegant. Easy to make thanks to a few key shortcut ingredients.
Sausage RagùBy danieldiverA quick, tasty & very easy recipe for sausage ragu. This recipe is an ideal everyday easy weeknight supper. You can make a few sausages go a long way and it only take as long to make as it does to cook your pasta.
Sausage, Sage & Apple StuffingBy danieldiverFor me Christmas dinner is all about tradition and it is traditional in our house to have a sausage meat stuffing. I use a couple of eggs in the stuffing to bind it all together so that it can be sliced later into thick slices and squeezed between two slices of thick good bread with some cold turkey, hot crispy bacon, bread sauce and a little cranberry sauce too. Making ahead: After the sausage meat mixture has been cooked and breadcrumbs stirred through, cover with cling film and refrigerate. When ready to cook add the eggs and continue on as normal with the recipe.
Scotch EggsBy danieldiverA real treat and well worth the effort these golden yolked eggs are encompassed with a sausage meat layer and given a final golden crunchy breadcrumb layer. They are perfect hot or cold.
Slow Cooker Sticky Toffee PuddingBy danieldiverThis sticky date pudding is cooked in quite a radical way. It does require a leap of faith but you rewarded with a tender sponge, much like a steamed sponge and a molasses rich sauce with very little work.
Smashed Salt & Vinegar PotatoesBy danieldiverA go to side dish for me. I love these potatoes they have an intense salt and vinegar flavour like a packet of good crisp. I make these most often not as a side dish but as dinner itself. A much easier alternative to chips. Intensely salty vinegary crispy roast potatoes.
Smoked Haddock & Bacon ChowderBy danieldiverA speedy chowder that a fraction of the time it takes to make a traditional chowder. This chowder uses thawed frozen sweetcorn as the base which adds lots of flavour and gives the soup it's a thick consistency making for a heartwarming and soul soothing chowder.
Spaghetti CarbonaraBy danieldiverThis cheesy Italian Classic is simple, delicious and quick to make. By the time the pasta has cooked all will be ready to go.
Spiced Guinness CupcakesBy danieldiverThese cupcakes are the best cupcakes I have ever eaten. They have a subtle spice both from the Guinness and with a little help from gingerbread spices also with a hint of chocolate. Making a deep dark and moist cupcake topped with a sweet topping that balances the spices perfectly.
Steak with Anchovy & Garlic ButterBy danieldiverMelt in the mouth ribeye steak with a delicious anchovy and garlic butter. This is a real treat dinner, that is a doddle to make. The anchovy and garlic compound butter elevates a steak to a whole new level. Leftover butter can be refrigerated or frozen for later use. It is excellent tossed with some cooked spaghetti and a little parmesan sprinkled over for an easy supper or placed on top of a pan-fried breast of chicken.
Strawberry TartBy danieldiverThis is a super easy no-fuss strawberry tart. It doesn't require any baking and no pastry. Instead, it has a simple biscuit base with a luscious lemon centre and topped with glossy glazed strawberries.
Sweet Chilli Chicken PastaBy danieldiverA creamy tangle of tagliatelle and chicken combined with a creamy sweet chilli sauce, that takes only ten minutes to cook. Much quicker and tastier than a takeaway
Sweet Potato WafflesBy danieldiverSweet Potato waffle recipe. These make a great make ahead breakfast. Make a large batch of these light and crispy waffles at the weekend and pop them into the toaster and toast them and you have breakfast in minutes.
Tortilla Breakfast PieBy danieldiverA simple breakfast egg & ham pie. Crispy toasted tortilla pie crust with cheesy egg and ham filling.
Upside Down NachosBy danieldiverThese nachos are upside down so that the chips retain all their crunch. This is the perfect sharing feasts but also great for a couple to graze on greedily whilst enjoying a movie.
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