Buttermilk Chicken Tenders

It’s not very often I go the healthy route and in fact the main motivation here is simply to avoid deep frying something I’m not that keen on doing at home. So, if I can substitute it with another cooking method and not loose flavour that is exactly what I do. What you get here are tender flavoursome chicken strips in a golden crunchy coating. Absolutely perfect for dipping into your favourite dips.  

I have added these to the everyday easy recipe section and although they do take awhile to make, thanks to the marinating, but you are free all this time. I have used a few shortcuts here such as the easy crunchy coating using corn flakes meaning you don t have to process stale bread into crumbs rather scrunch the cereal in a bag and they are they make the best crunchy coating. You could make marinade them first thing and leave marinating throughout the day while you get on with other things but I find the best thing to do is to make a huge batch at a time at least ten breasts worth and freeze them on a cooling rack before transferring to freezer bags in portions so that you can grab as many or as little portions as you like.

These are not spicy however, if make for very young children I would suggest cutting back a little on the black pepper. Just to be on the safe side.