kefir pancakes

Pancake Tuesday

kefir pancakes

The perfect excuse to make pancakes on a weekday. Whilst a good recipe is essential to pancake making, and below you will find one provided. For me the magic is what you eat them with. Usually for me it’s either a simple blackberry or raspberry sauce made by cooking the frozen berries in a little honey or with crispy bacon and poached eggs. However, you like your pancakes the below recipe won’t disappoint it makes fluffy delicious pancakes. I’m going rogue tomorrow and plan to eat mines with a salted caramel sauce, whipped cream and berries.

The below recipe calls for kefir, simply as I always have some in the fridge you can use instead buttermilk or runny plain yoghurt.

Happy Pancake making guys!

Buttermilk Pancakes

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The Best Buttermilk Pancakes

This is exactly what weekend breakfasts are all about.

These are fluffy and spongy American style pancakes and the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten. I can already see the barrage of comments about those Japanese style pancakes and how light and fluffy they are but in truth I don’t see them as pancakes more as souffle and yes, they take as much work as a souffle to get right. I do love them, but they require as much work and attention as a new born baby. These pancakes are simple and delicious just a matter of stirring wet ingredients into dry and dolloping into a greased pan for a few minutes. To get even sized pancakes I would recommend using a quarter cup measure it makes the perfect sized pancakes. Enjoy warm from the pan with an ooze of maple syrup, crispy bacon or with lemon juice and sugar.

I believe it is also very important not to use a whisk to combine the batter as this over works the batter making a tough pancakes. Instead, simply fold the ingredients together with a rubber spatula until just combined you want to remove most lumps but if the odd one remains it will not affect the pancakes.