St. Patrick's Day recipes

St Patrick’s Day Recipes to Celebrate

My earliest memory of St Patrick’s day is of sitting on warm concrete steps at my granny’s front door. Waiting on my granny to cut a small bunch of shamrocks wrap the stems in kitchen foil to hold them together and a safety pin to fasten them to my t-shirt. Alas, it seems these past few years that we are more likely to have snow March 17th rather than sunshine. On this particular day, even though memories are fragmented and most of the day lost to me, I do remember dessert, A special treat, Granny Pat’s donuts. I still to this day the second a homemade fried donut hits my mouth I am brought back to this moment, to this day, it is a nostalgic food that both reminds me of my granny and of St Patrick’s day. It is, for this reason, i firmly believe that if throwing a party that you do not have to conform to luridly green food and beverage items that most of us do not wish to eat, it can have a novelty value but usually that it. 

My favourite ways now of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is to celebrate some of my favourite Irish ingredients and you will spot more than once in the recipes below. This year the celebrations may be on a much smaller scale due to virus outbreak but, I’m sure much merriment will be had none the less. Lenten restrictions are lifted for St Patrick’s day, hence, in my opinion, the reason that alcohol and sweet things are the popular option on this day and the star of any party I throw on this day is my chocolate Guinness cake with a cream cheese Bailey’s topping. Now, any Irish person will tell you that two of the most popular things that people restrict and cut out during Lent are Alcohol and chocolate. So it seemed only just to appropriate on this day when the restrictions let up that we make the most of it and indulge in both. My cake resembles the famous black pint too. The chocolate base looks like the dark stout and the Baileys cream cheese icing looks like the pale frothy head.

Another favourite recipe of mines, especially if I’m not the one throwing the get together, is my spiced Guinness cupcakes. They are much easier to transport and guys let me tell you you haven’t had gingerbread until you have tried Guinness gingerbread. These cupcakes also resemble the famous black pint with its frothy pale head. Check out this super easy recipe below.

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My final recipe is my beef & Guinness Cobbler another winner, that has such heart warming soul soothing comfort