A Mid-Week Curry Feast

Firstly, let me start off by saying that although I call this my Sri Lankan chicken curry it is very inauthentic, and I should probably call it a Sri Lankan inspired chicken curry instead. I sometimes feel that I may be too apologetic about recipes being inauthentic, this is after all what cooking is all about using the ingredients that you have and are readily available to you to create recipes that are authentic to you and your kitchen.There is a lot of ingredients in this recipe, but it isn’t complicated or difficult to make. I suggest reading recipe and gathering all the spices and ingredients together rather than rummaging through cupboards, looking for spices as you are cooking. Admittedly a major flaw off mines in the kitchen.

You can use chicken breast for this, although I highly recommend skinless boneless chicken thighs for one, they are cheaper and secondly, they have so much more flavour a winner on both counts. This is also a great make ahead meal and flavour develops and strengthens over time. This is a hot curry, so if you like it mild ½ the measurements of the hotter spices and for those that like their food fiery, use half the coconut milk and eat the ruby terracotta curry with fiery delight.