Steak with Rosemary Potatoes

It’s hard to beat a good steak. Using this recipe, you will have meat and potatoes in next to no time. What more could I ask for mid-week?

Cast iron pans are excellent for cooking steak because you can get the pan extremely hot which will give your steak a great colour which imparts flavour. You could use a heavy based pan if you don’t have any cast iron pans. My favourite pans though are spun iron pans they are like a cast iron pan but much more lightweight.

If you don’t have any garlic infused oil you can cut a clove of garlic in half and rub the steaks with the cut side to impart a very gentle garlic flavour. Garlic oil is a fantastic short cut ingredient and if you would like to know how to make it click here.

Probably the most important steps in cooking your steaks are to make sure your pan is immensely hot before adding the steaks and that you use the kitchen paper to pat the steaks dry, this helps them develop proper colour. No one wants a grey steak that has braised in the pan in its own juices. Last but not least don’t be afraid to season well.