Fish Tacos

I absolutely love doing the sort of food that involves lots having plates and bowls dotted over the table filled with picky things, when I have friends over. It is relaxing and cosy and always helps when you have a crowd, if you’re not sure about what your guests like and don’t like this helps as rather than having to leave things on their plate, they can simply just not put it on there in the first place. It also is a major bonus that everything is such a doddle to make. I use the oven to cook the fish as it leaves me free to get on with everything else, saving time even though it is a longer cooking method.

You can use any firm white fish for these tacos’ hake, cod or haddock. Prawns would also be great here.

Another great addition as a side dish is my crunchy salad with golden ginger dressing you can find the recipe here and if you really want to impress make your own flatbread for a more toothsome chew than the corn tortillas with my Nigella flatbreads