Marmite Roast Chicken – Don’t Knock it until you’ve tried it

I adore marmite and think it is a very under used ingredient. You can do so much more with it than just spread it on toast. I often have it with pasta on days where a big bowl of carbs is required but this is my latest experimentations. Combining it with butter and thyme to create a golden bronzed bird with crispy skin and an almost umami flavoured flesh. When you think of the trendy flavour that is umami, I think of soy-based sauces, the flavour of mushrooms. This is a very simplified but highly rewarding way of getting that flavour with an ingredient that is most easy to find. Even Marmite haters enjoy this chicken so as the title says don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

I think it is best eaten with noodles or basmati rice and the deliciously sweet and caramelised vegetables that it cooked on.

What is your favourite uses for marmite? Leave a comment below