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I Hope everyone is as excited and glad as I am the weekend is almost upon us, its been a long long week. Sorry about the lack of updates and addition of new recipes but I have been extremely busy with some projects that for now must remain a secret even though I am bursting to tell you all. I just wanted to let you know that I have added a new recipe both to my site and YouTube channel for waffles. The recipe and video are both below I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend and I will catch up with you soon.

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Sweet Potato waffle recipe

Sweet potato waffles

Sweet Potato waffle recipe

I used to make waffles so often and then my electric waffle iron died and that was the end of the waffle making for a long time. I have recently bout a stove top waffle iron, which I think is much better than the electric one. The issue i ran into with the electric one is that it can be really difficult to clean properly a problem i don’t have with the stove top one as I can submerge it entirely into hot soapy water and give it a good clean. I also feel I have a greater control of the stove top waffle maker when cooking. However, whether its a stove top or electric one you have you can make these delicious waffles.

This recipe make enough batter for 16 waffles, you could half this if you want. I think part of the point of making waffles, for me anyways is that I have a lot of waffles that can be stashed in the fridge or freezer then toasted in the toaster so that you have breakfast in minutes whenever it’s required. To freeze place them into a freezer in a single layer on a tray when frozen they can be stacked wrapped in a double layer or cling wrap and a layer of foil. This makes them much easier to separate when required. No need to defrost toast once or twice until hot within and crispy on the outside.

Until recently, I always made plain waffles flavoured with a little vanilla, now though I have discovered sweet potato waffles. This came about due to having some cooked sweet potato in the fridge that needed using. I always cook sweet potato when I’m using the oven, scoop out the flesh and mash it and store it in the fridge for use during the week when i can’t be bothered with carb cooking. Anyways, these waffles are super light and crispy on the outside with that naturally sweet toasty interior thanks to the sweet potato and the warmth of the cinnamon.