Summer Eating and the ingredients I can get enough of

I find certain times of year and weather have such a knock on effect

on my cooking. Cold dull dark winter evenings, I want comfort and cosiness. Rich beef stews everything with mash potato and creamy sauces. Currently with the heat, however, I just can’t get enough of salty cheeses such as Halloumi and Feta. At this time of year I want cooling, saltiness,spriteliness of citrus and pungency of mint. Thyme is my winter herb and without question mint is my go to summer herb.Just the aroma of a freshly cut lime or lemon even in bleakest mid winter can transport me to a sunnier climate without ever leaving the kitchen.

I have wrote two recipes this past week using these cheeses as the star ingredient.The first was my Mint,Halloumi and Pomegranate salad and the other my beetroot, Feta and Basil Salad. Both Recipes can be found in the recipe section or by clicking on their titles.

These combinations have not only had effect on my eating but also my drinking at the moment i’m just loving a Gimlet which is traditionally lime cordial, mint vodka and sparkling water I have altered this slightly and use fresh lime intead with a tiny splash

of sugar syrup to make up for the lost sweetness of the cordial. I cannot get enough of pink wine at the moment. I have been trying out some great finds from Aldi. Which are very reasonably priced. A relaxed afternoon in the garden with something salty, crunchy and light and a cold Gimlet or glass of rose wine and I mean cold so cold that it has condensation and little beads of moisture running down the glass.

What are your favourite summer tastes and flavour and what is your perfect summer evening?

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