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nduja meatballs

Nduja Meatballs

Hi there! & Happy Wednesday… Nduja is a salami like paste from Calabria in the south of Italy. Made fromthe same cuts as slicing salami pork belly and shoulder. It contains localchillies and lots of spices making it very hot. The type I get comes in asausage like log that you can squeeze out into …

Chocolate Raspberry cake

Chocolate & Raspberry Chocolate Cake

This chocolate cake is a chocolate lovers dream. A rich tender moist sponge sandwiched together with raspberry jam and covered in a lush shiny chocolate ganache icing. This cake is a particular joy for those who struggle with icing cakes, and I do include myself in that category, due to its easy icing. The icing …

Valentines recipe idea

Valentine’s Day Recipe

The origins of Valentine’s Day  February 14th Valentine’s day; a celebration of love and romance. St. Valentine’s days romantic connection originated from the festival of Luprecalia, held in mid-February. The festivals celebrations included the pairing off of men and women hence it’s romantic connection.  The day got its name from a priest that was martyred by emperor …