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One pan chicken with Braised Rice & Peas

Roast chicken thighs with braised rice and peas

A simple meal with delicious and cosy flavours. This one pan recipe is a great kitchen de-stresser, it just requires a little work at the beginning then pop it into the oven to do the rest. The rice is easily fluffed up… Read More


Eggs in Purgatory

Eggs in Purgatory

Eggs in Purgatory are as you might have guessed from the photo and name are eggs that are poached in a fiery tomato sauce. These aren’t the most photographic eggs in the world but what they lack in appearance they certainly make… Read More

Duck & Orange Salad

This recipe consists of perfectly pink duck breast nestled in leaves with a simple fiery orange and ginger dressing spiky and hot that cuts through the richness of the duck. For anyone who hasn’t cooked duck breasts before watch the video below… Read More

Marmite Roast Chicken – Don’t Knock it until you’ve tried it

I adore marmite and think it is a very under used ingredient. You can do so much more with it than just spread it on toast. I often have it with pasta on days where a big bowl of carbs is required… Read More

The Ultimate Sophisticated Amaretto Chocolate Tart

This is one for all the chocolate lovers out there. It is rich, dark and elegant. It is an easy tart to make as it requires no baking. Instead of using a pastry it has a biscuit crumb base and the filling… Read More

Warm Goat Cheese, Fig & Parma Ham Salad

This is so good warm creamy goat cheese, salty Parma ham and voluptuous sweet figs nestled in a beg of green leaves and drizzled with delicious balsamic vinegar. I have specified spinach leaves for this salad however, you may use any leaves… Read More

A Mid-Week Curry Feast

Firstly, let me start off by saying that although I call this my Sri Lankan chicken curry it is very inauthentic, and I should probably call it a Sri Lankan inspired chicken curry instead. I sometimes feel that I may be too… Read More

Moussaka – The Perfect Crowd Pleaser

Moussaka is a Greek dish of usually minced lamb, aubergine, potatoes and creamy sauce that is baked in layers like a lasagne. I really think of this as Greek lasagne and it is every bit as good as that sounds.  I almost… Read More

Beef Cobbler

I know it’s summer but it is a cold wet grey day so why not try this warming soul soothing stew with cheesy dumplings. I do call these cheese scones as they are a simplified version of dumpling that are made more… Read More