Please note

  • All eggs are large, free-range
  • All dark chocolate is 70% cocoa solids minimum
  • All baking ingredients are room temperature unless stated otherwise
  • Recipes containing raw or partially cooked eggs should not be served to those with weak or compromised immune systems.
  • Please be sure to read a recipe through before starting,
  • Also, remember that a recipe is only a blueprint. Enjoy the experiment, eat, and repeat until it is your own.

Bread SauceBy danieldiverA simple and delicious sauce that is the perfect accompaniment to turkey or chicken.
Brie & Cranberry Sausage RollsBy danieldiverA favourite evening snack that is also fantastic for using up the leftover Christmas cheese and cranberry sauce.
Brown Butter Chocolate Chip CookiesBy danieldiverI have made a lot of cookies in my time in the kitchen. These brown butter chocolate chip cookies have gone through a lot of testing until I got them as close to perfect as I think possible. I know cookies are a very personal things some like them thin, some chewy, some crispy for me I like a fairly fat cookie that is fudgy in the centre with a crisp exterior and it must be loaded with chocolate chips almost an excessive amount. These cookies have such a fudgy texture and flavour, the combination of molten chocolate chips and the almost nutty flavour of the brown butter is heavenly. This recipe makes 12 cookies, but since there is usually just two of to eat them. I scoop out the twelve cookie cook one batch and freeze the other six balls of cookie dough. When they have froze I transfer them to a zip lock bad and you can cook them straight from the freezer just give them an extra two minutes in the preheated oven.
Christmas Cheesecake (Cranberry & White Chocolate)By danieldiverThis is such a seasonal cheesecake and even white chocolate haters will love it. The tartness from the ruby red cranberries cut the sweetness of the white chocolate giving you harmonious flavoured cheesecake.
Christmas French ToastBy danieldiverThis has been my Christmas morning breakfast for many years now. I make my Christmas French toast out of the sweet star shaped Italian bread Pandoro. It typically comes in a large box like a present. It's sweetness lends itself well to French toast. I simple dip it in an eggy mixture with a little cinnamon before proceeding to fry it over a low heat until the entire house is scented with the Christmas aroma.
Christmas Pudding Ice CreamBy danieldiverTurn leftover Christmas pudding into a creamy delicious ice cream with simple no churn ice cream recipe.
Deviled EggsBy danieldiverA retro party favourite, add a little fun and heat to your party with these festive eggs.
Espresso Caramel Ice CreamBy danieldiverA delicious soft serve ice cream, creamy and luscious. The combination of strong coffee and sweet Carnation caramel make for a velvety textured ice cream. Note: Should you require a alcohol free version you can leave out the brandy. It does make it a firmer ice cream, but still extremely delicious. I also so often when I am making this reserve two tablespoons of caramel and double cream and when ready to eat I warm it together, in a tiny pan. To make a warm runny caramel sauce to pour over as I eat.
Hazelnut NegroniBy danieldiverMy seasonal twist on the Negroni. Traditional it consists of equal measures of Campari, Red vermouth and gin. I actually came upon this version during lockdown one evening when I felt like a Negroni and had run out of gin, due to limiting shopping trips i thought I'd add a splash of Frangelico. It was heavenly. It is strange that this drink conjures tastes of chocolate orange to me even though it doesn't contain chocolate whatsoever. I believe it comes from the butter hazelnut flavours imparted by Frangelico. Frangelico is a hazelnut liquor from Italy that has a warm buttery hazelnut flavour. I think of it as Nutella in liquor form. It works so well in desserts or stirred through a hot chocolate for a cosy nightcap.
Honey Roast ParsnipsBy danieldiverI don't think Christmas dinner would be complete without these sweet earthy glazed parsnips. Although, I think they are a great accompaniment to a roast dinner at other times of year too.
Maple Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta & ChestnutsBy danieldiverI promise you that you won't be disappointed with these sprouts, I have even converted some sprout loathers with these. The sweet and saltiness of the pancetta and maple syrup work in partner with the chestnuts and sprouts to give you a side dish that frankly I could eat as a main in itself.
Mincemeat PinwheelsBy danieldiverOver the seasonal period I must have a lot of mincemeat. I mean who could blame me? That gorgeous sweet filling is divine. I make lots of mince pies, I think one can never have too many. I make these mincemeat pinwheels so often as a leisurely treat for brunch at the weekends. Although, they are fantastic served warm with ice cream or for the ultimate treat with my no - churn Christmas pudding ice cream as a simple and delicious dessert. Think warm strudel with flaky pastry. Good, right? But I'm very happy to eat them with nothing more than a mug of tea.
Mincemeat Puff Pastry ParcelsBy danieldiverMini puff pastry parcels with a mincemeat filling. These wonderful parcels will scent your home with that warm cosy christmas smells as they cook.
Mulled CiderBy danieldiverIf you want to fill your home with the scent of Christmas this mulled cider recipe certainly will and also provides a delicious drink. Fruity with mellow notes of spices and very easily drank. It can be a welcoming change to the ubiquitous glass of mulled wine that is forced upon guest as they enter any Christmas party. I have nothing against mulled wine, in fact I do rather enjoy a glass. If you require an alcohol free version swap the cider for apple juice and simply omit the sugar as the apple juice should be sweet enough.
Mulled Cider Red CabbageBy danieldiverI love cranberries and use the repeatedly in many dishes over the Christmas period. I have for quite awhile been using them in my braised cabbage. This recipe is fairly new to me. I make cider braised red cabbage quite a bit and recently I had leftover mulled cider and thought why not add it to my cabbage I normally would add cider, star anise and cinnamon to the pan anyways doing it with leftover mulled cider made sense as these are the key ingredients to any mulled cider. So if you haven't got mulled cider simply use the same amount of apple cider along with a star anise and a cinnamon stick. It never ceases to amaze may just how far this goes, I cool and freeze half for future use.
Panettone PuddingBy danieldiverA super easy bread pudding that uses that classic Italian Sweet bread Panettone as it base. Making for a sweet and comforting pudding that will scent your home with warm Christmas aroma as it bakes. You can use pandoro instead of panettone and add 100g chocolate chip as well.
Potato & Turnip GratinBy danieldiverThis makes the perfect side dish for almost any roast dinner. I usually have it to accompany a plain roast chicken or roast duck. I do find potato gratin or dauphinoise can be a little too sickly the sweet earthiness of the thinly sliced turnip or swede if you prefer cuts the richness of the dish.
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