Please note

  • All eggs are large, free-range
  • All dark chocolate is 70% cocoa solids minimum
  • All baking ingredients are room temperature unless stated otherwise
  • Recipes containing raw or partially cooked eggs should not be served to those with weak or compromised immune systems.
  • Please be sure to read a recipe through before starting,
  • Also, remember that a recipe is only a blueprint. Enjoy the experiment, eat, and repeat until it is your own.

Upside Down NachosBy danieldiverThese nachos are upside down so that the chips retain all their crunch. This is the perfect sharing feasts but also great for a couple to graze on greedily whilst enjoying a movie.
Yoghurt & Lime CakeBy danieldiverA light and spongy cake with a zingy and refreshing yoghurt topping. This cake is simple and straightforward as it's only one layer and the topping is a simple yoghurt and lime mixture that is no more strenuous than mixing a few ingredients together.
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